Betfair, which was the first online betting platform, revolutionized the way people wager on sports online. Other betting exchanges, including Betfair’s main rival, Betdaq, have been launched since then.

While many people have made the decision to quit betting at bookmakers and go online to bet at Betfair or Betdaq already, others are still waiting. This is due to a lack of understanding about what betting exchanges are and how they can benefit users.

Let me tell you about four major advantages the betting exchanges offer over the bookmakers.

Get better odds….
Before the advent of the exchanges, punters had to accept the prices offered by bookmakers. Bookmakers have profit margins built into their prices, known as the daftar sbobet bola over-round. If you don’t like the price offered by the betting exchange, you can request a lower one. On average, the odds on the exchanges are 20% better than the ones offered by the bookmakers.

Oppose an Outcome ….
You are placing a bet with a bookmaker that an outcome will occur, while the bookmaker is betting it won’t occur. This works well if you’re betting on a single outcome, such as the winner of a tennis match. But what if you want to bet on the entire tournament?

To bet that Roger Federer would lose Wimbledon, I would need to back all the other players competing in the tournament. It is possible to place a bet on something not happening. All I need is someone else who believes it will. Laying a bet is when you wager that something won’t happen.

Bet in-Play
Betfair and Betdaq allow you to bet on the event from the moment the horse crosses the finish line.

Freedom to succeed ….
Bookmakers may limit stakes, or even close accounts in extreme cases, if they feel that someone is winning too much. Betting exchanges do not care about how much you win. In fact, winning is encouraged. Because it’s not their money that you win, all money comes from users. You will not be penalized for winning the exchange’s commission.

You can see that betting exchanges offer many benefits that online bookmakers simply cannot.

For those who are familiar with bookmakers or have never bet before, there is a slight learning curve when using the exchanges. Betfair and Betdaq both offer tutorials to help users get used to their websites. After several visits, most users will become familiar with the differences and the exchanges become second nature.

Anyone who is interested and has not tried Betfair or Betdaq sports betting can take advantage of a special offer when they open new accounts. These benefits are in addition to those already mentioned. The exchanges are definitely worth looking into for online bettors.